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About the Work

About the work

I have always felt that science and art speak the same language. Perhaps being the daughter of an artist and a doctor helped me to avoid the artificial separation of two confluent worlds. It is with this premise that I approach my work.

My work is photomicroscopy: photography using the microscope as the lens. I use both a light microscope and a scanning electron microscope. I begin by obtaining and preparing specimens; a lengthy process. Each picture is shot with a photographic device attached to the microscope. The transparency is then scanned into my computer where I digitally explore and enhance the image. All prints are made on fine art paper using a giclee printer.

Why do I do this kind of work? I can't fully explain. However, there are some things I know for sure:

- I love how the boundaries of art and science merge.

-Seeing things on a microscopic level is endlessly fascinating to me.

-I hope to convey some of the beauty, intricacy and mystery of what I see and imagine.

Joan Wiener
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